In 1982, Pastor Joe Fletcher felt the call of God to plant a church in the Bronx.  In March of 1983, he founded Bronx Bible Church in Parkchester.  Bronx Bible Church met in seven different locations in several neighborhoods over a 30 year period of time.  In July of 2001, they moved into the Bronx River community.  It was in this neighborhood that the church began to flourish and see the blessing of God.

In 2002, Pastor Dimas Salaberrios went under intense training with Dr. Timothy Keller covering areas of Preaching and Urban Church Planting.  The following year Pastor Dimas launched Infinity NY Church in the housing projects of the Bronx and settled in 2006 in the Bronx River Housing Projects.  During that time Pastor Dimas met Pastor Joe as their churches were just a half a block away from the Bronx River Housing Projects.  Both churches have also planted daughter churches that concentrate on reaching housing developments in Harlem and the Bronx.

In 2012, the two Pastors were arrested together for kneeling and praying in the street outside the school where the NYC Mayor was giving his State of the City address.  Forty four clergy and congregants followed and were arrested for kneeling and praying in protest of the Mayor kicking churches out of public spaces such as schools and community centers.  This became national news and brought the pastors together with a Paul and Silas type bond.  A relationship was built and the men decided to serve the Bronx River Community together and be a witness for unity in the city.  In June 2013, Infinity Bible Church was born and the two congregations have become one church.  After several years together, Infinity Bible Church launched Pastor Dimas into full time evangelistic ministry with The Dynamic Life.  Pastor Joe remains as the pastor of Infinity Bible Church.

Pastor Bill Devlin was also arrested and co-led Right to Worship NYC.  In March 2014, Pastor Bill Devlin was ordained by Infinity Bible Church.  He travels the globe bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to hard and dangerous places like Gaza, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and Cuba.

Pastor Dimas released his first book, "Street God" in 2015.  You can purchase a copy at

Pastor Joe released his first book, "Crashing into Heaven" in 2016.  You can purchase a copy at