What does Heaven look like? What smells, sounds, sights, and feelings might you experience in Heaven? Author Joe Fletcher wondered this as well. So, after careful study of the Bible, he created what he believes could be his initial entrance into Heaven. As he looks back on his years on the earth, he talks about some of the real people that impacted his life. And then he talks about meeting them in Heaven. As Crashing into Heaven begins, Joe is driving home on a winter night. When he encounters black ice, he spins out of control and is hit by a semi-truck. Joe is killed instantly and is taken up to Heaven immediately. What Joe then experiences in Heaven are sights, sounds, and smells that far surpass anything he ever witnessed on earth. He is welcomed to Heaven by a large crowd of friends and family who have prepared a magnificent banquet in Joe's honor. Meanwhile, Joe's wife Christine, daughter Barbara Jean, family, and friends receive the awful news that he was killed. They come together in grief and begin to make plans for a funeral. Crashing into Heaven is unique in its dual portrayal of the agony Joe's family on earth experiences after his death and the joy that Joe experiences in Heaven as he reunites with many of his friends and loved ones who died in Christ before him. Crashing into Heaven is a vivid reminder to Christians that the sufferings on earth are temporary, but the wonders of Heaven are eternal (Romans 8:18)."